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We provide Outpatient Detox and Addiction Treatment Services in Agoura Hills, California and the surrounding areas, including Santa Barbara, Sherman Oaks, Ventura, Encino, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Studio City, Tarzana, Westlake Village, and Beverly Hills.

Outpatient programs include:

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – 3 days a week for 3 hours a day

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – 5 days a week for 5 hours a day


Due to recent scientific advances, people no longer need to check themselves into a hospital or treatment center to find freedom from alcohol and drug dependency. Easily eliminate your pain or behavioral abuse and dependency in the privacy of your home. You will experience revolutionary treatment and the very best, individualized care by one of the nation’s leading addiction experts. 


Dr. Akikur MohammadDr. Akikur Reza Mohammad, M.D.

Psychiatrist | Addiction Specialist | Medical Doctor

    • Dr. Akikur Mohammad, M.D. has been practicing Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine and General Medicine for nearly two decades. His area of expertise is Psychopharmacology, Addiction Medicine and treating patients with Dual Diagnosis (co-occurring disorders). He is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at the Keck School of Medicine at USC where he’s active in teaching medical students and residents.


    • Previously, Dr. Mohammad was the CEO and Medical Director of Malibu Horizon Treatment Center for ten years.


    • In addition to his current role as Medical Director at Las Virgenes Behavioral Health and Medical Clinic, Dr. Mohammad is also the CEO of Inspire Malibu. Inspire Malibu is a pioneer treatment center of medically-oriented, non 12 step drug treatment programs.


    • Dr. Mohammad is the recipient of many awards, including Outstanding Teaching Award from USC, Outstanding Service Award at LAC/USC, and Best Psychiatrist in America.


  • He is a frequent guest and keynote speaker at many conferences including NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), and has appeared on TV and Radio talk shows including ABC, MTV, and A&E. Dr. Mohammad has also written numerous articles and commentaries on psychiatric and addiction issues in many newspapers and journals, including The Huffington Post, and is the author of The Anatomy of Addiction book.


Services Provided

Comprehensive Medical/Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management of:

Depression and Treatment Resistant Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Psychotic Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, PTSD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Evaluation and Management of Chemical Dependency Addictions (No Behavioral Addiction Treatment i.e. Gambling, Sex)

Outpatient detox for Heroin, Opioids and Opiates, Alcohol, Benzos, Somas and other drugs of abuse.

Medication Management for Addiction. Aftercare referral to addiction therapists. 12 step and non 12 step self help group referral.

Referral to an inpatient drug treatment center if outpatient is a high risk for withdrawal complications.

Subutex assisted opiate detox Suboxone/Subutex maintenance treatment. Dr. Mohammad was the first doctor to use Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with Suboxone in the state of California.

Payment Fees

Most PPO Insurance Accepted

Outpatient detox from Opiates, Alcohol or other drugs: Cash only – flat fee $1500.

Treatment takes approximately 7 days. (Detox medication is not included)

TMS for Treatment Resistant Depression: 20 sessions. Call for Pricing (818) 879-9018

Vivitrol once a month injection for opiate and alcohol dependence. If covered by insurance: No charge. If Not covered by insurance: $1500 flat fee

** No Psychotherapy provided at the office, referral to appropriate therapists when indicated.

New Patients: Use this link to download a New Patient Registration Packet. Please print the PDF, fill out all necessary forms, and bring the completed forms to your appointment. Thank You!


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We offer the best outpatient detox, drug and alcohol treatment programs available.

IOP Program – 3 Days per Week

PHP Program – 5 Days per Week

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The Anatomy of Addiction

I have focused my professional career on treating patients with addictions and co-occurring disorders. I am an Addiction Specialist and Board Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM). Listed above, my professional focus is in the individualized analysis and specialized treatment of a variety of psychiatric disorders. My Dual Diagnosis Treatments, and Opiate Rehab & Opiate Treatment have brought peace and comfort back to the lives of men and women who have used alcohol or drugs in an effort to “self-medicate.”

Dual Diagnosis patients benefit from all of the standard therapies of drug and alcohol rehab, but they need additional psychiatric treatment, close monitoring of their symptoms, and if necessary, medication. Unfortunately, many addiction treatment and mental health programs treat only one condition, resulting in the patient being under-treated or inappropriately treated. 

Individuals who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse are very likely to also suffer from mental health or emotional issues. Although separate illnesses, substance abuse/addiction and mental health complications are co-occurring conditions that influence one another. Simply stated, a dual diagnosis refers to people who exhibit addiction to drugs or alcohol, as well as one or more mental disorders or illnesses. These accompanying mental conditions are called co-occurring disorders. They can range from post traumatic stress disorder to severe depression. Experience shows that without Dual Diagnosis Treatment, recovery and long term sobriety is highly difficult to achieve and maintain. 
Dr. Mohammad is the Founder and CEO of Inspire Malibu Treatment Center. He is considered to be a pioneer in the field of addiction medicine and opiate detox. Dr. Mohammad is a board certified Addictionologist. He is one of the first Doctors in the United States to become licensed to dispense Suboxone for Detox from opiates. For over 10 years, Dr. Mohammad’s professional specialty has been in the field of opiate detox. He is the leading authority helping people safely and comfortably detox from opiates. Dr. Mohammad is a very talented and compassionate man who loves his work.

Dual Diagnosis | Alcohol | Opiates | Heroin | Oxycontin | Percocet | Vicodin | Benzodiazepines | Ambien & Soma | Cocaine | Depression & Anxiety | Bipolar 

In the course of our Medical Detox Program, the patient is managed through a rapid “tapering off” process. Supervised medication is used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This specialized treatment enables patients to be treated comfortably on an outpatient basis for Alcohol Detox, Opiate Detox, or Drug Detox. Our Medical Detox approach is suitable for many addictions, including: prescription medication abuse, cocaine, opiates, stimulants and alcohol.

For our out-of-town patients, initial treatment can be completed in as little as 3-5 days, depending on the abused substance (opiates, cocaine and stimulants). The individual is given a thorough evaluation to determine if he/she would benefit from our Outpatient Detox Program.

Alcohol Detox | Opiate Detox | Drug Detox